The Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe (LEDRIZ) is a research think-tank of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). It was established in Sptember 2003 under a Deed of Trust.

The main objective of LEDRIZ is to develop through research, well-grounded pro-working people policy positions designed to influence development processes and outcomes at national, regional and international levels.

LEDRIZ is a member of the Africa Labour Research Network (ALRN) which brings together research institutions linked to national trade union federations and their research departments across the African continent.

Labour & Economic Development Research Institute Zimbabwe 

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  • Our Vision

    An empowered labour movement able to influence policy formulation, decision making processes and outcomes... MORE
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to strengthen the labour movement's capcity to carry our policy oriented research that will protect, safegaurd... MORE
  • Our Objectives

    Our broad strategic objectives: Evidence based policy research, Capacity Building, Technical Support, Networking ... MORE


Formalisation of informal economy

Formalisation of informal economy

Formalisation is having the business registered with any government agency and a process whereby workers are organised into worker associations and/or trade unions. It also goes beyond the mainst...

Banking sector challenged to entrench culture of transparency, accountability

Banking sector challenged to entrench culture of t...

A PLETHORA of hurdles stand in the way of efforts aimed at strengthening and developing a culture of transparency and accountability in the country’s banking sector. BY BYRON MUTINGWENDE A...

Zimbabwe Unveils Special Coins Set to Ease Change Problems

Zimbabwe Unveils Special Coins Set to Ease Change...

WASHINGTON DC— The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has rolled out special coins designed to ease change problems that have been faced by members of the public in the country since the introduction...

Dr. Godfrey Kanyenze
March 2023
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Our Publications

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The Decent Work Agenda in Zimbabwe The Search For Sustainable Human Development In Africa Beyond the Enclave. Towards a Pro-Poor and Inclusive [...more] My Socio Economic Rights

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